White kitchen counter gets a bold makeover

How to cure white cabinet disorder

It used to be that the colour white was the only answer to peace at home. White walls, white lamps, white plates and not forgetting white cabinets. It was the colour crutch of my design doubts.

Then more than a year ago, I discovered designer Abigail Ahern and it’s like a giant colouring book popped up in front of me. I want to fill in every space with patterns, pigments and palettes of a Moroccan feast.

Thus begun my journey into a whole new world of possibilities. Suddenly I look at the cabinets below our kitchen counter and I get worked up by how blindingly boring it is. I wasn’t sure at first what to do with it but after a thousand Pinterest pins, I figured that the only way to spruce it up is to wallpaper the white cabinets.

White cabinets before makeover
The back of the white cabinets beneath our kitchen counter before the makeover. Are you asleep yet?

Be warned: the hardest part in the whole process is choosing the paper. We went to Goodrich and they have such a varied selection, I spent hours in the first visit just perusing a total of three folders. My advice is to go with a more specific idea in mind (or save ideas into your Pinterest board) or you’ll end up like us – taking weeks going back and forth. To be fair to us though, there really are too many beautiful papers to choose from. In the end, we decided on this persimmon fabric because it picks up on the brick wall in the living room and also to add texture into the space.

The space is now our very own sunshine cafe.

Orange you glad there's colour in the kitchen?
Orange you glad there’s colour in the kitchen?

Good to know:
Wallpapering Formica surfaces is possible but get professional wallpaper installers. They’ll need to prep the surface and apply the right glue. The good people at Goodrich did a more-than-satisfactory job for us.

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