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M gets a Makeover

All you need is a child’s stationery kit to pull off this mini graffiti project.

Meet M, the magazine rack that holds all my junk papers in the hallway. She’s the halfway house for all my random un-filed letters and leaflets (and sometimes hide some stowaway Lego toys as well). I found her on etsy many months ago and isn’t she the most elegant magazine rack you’ve seen? Continue reading M gets a Makeover

White kitchen counter gets a bold makeover

How to cure white cabinet disorder

It used to be that the colour white was the only answer to peace at home. White walls, white lamps, white plates and not forgetting white cabinets. It was the colour crutch of my design doubts.

Then more than a year ago, I discovered designer Abigail Ahern and it’s like a giant colouring book popped up in front of me. I want to fill in every space with patterns, pigments and palettes of a Moroccan feast.

Continue reading White kitchen counter gets a bold makeover

The most glamorous scents for your home

Little luxuries, big impact

I live in a terrace link house and while it’s not tiny, it is by no means palatial. Downstairs, the square footage is approximately 1,500 and if you close in on that, my living room is an even cozier 600 sq ft. And yet, I’ve managed to coordinate three types of home scents between the main door and the sofa. Continue reading The most glamorous scents for your home